Win Your Fortune in Prizes

Win Your Fortune in Prizes

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Competition promoters give away thousands of pounds worth of  prizes every day in prize competitions. All you have to do is discover the competitions and enter. Sounds too good to be true?  You're waiting for a catch!  Well, there isn't one. 

You simply enter prize competitions.  You'll find these everywhere. On entry forms in high street stores, on-packs and bottles, at garden centres, exhibitions, travel terminals, on coasters in bars and restaurants and in newspapers, magazines and on radio and TV.

You can spend as little or as much time on this hobby as you wish. It's
one you can pick up and put down at leisure.  Although when you win a holiday mingling with millionaires in Monaco, like I did after writing ONE apt word in a building society magazine competition, you won't want to abandon this prize-winning pastime. 


Win Your Fortune in Prizes has an inspirational or entertaining article at the end
of each of its 10 chapters.

 1.  Road to riches
 2.  Tackling Tasks with winning tips
 3.  Write winning words
 4.  Golden nuggets of winning ideas
 5.  Pack a pun-ch with puns
 6.  Sparkling slogans 50+ styles
 7.  Beginner to winner
 8. You be the judge - judging secrets
 9. Motor-vated to win
10.  Win-spiration and anecdotes

'Dear Lynne, thank you very much for sending Win Your Fortune in Prizes, so promptly. Housework has been on hold for the last few days since it arrived!  I simply couldn't put it down. It's the most useful comping book I've ever read and I'm sure it will be my constant companion from now on. Thank you for sharing all those tips for success. I found it really inspiring - isn't it a wonderful hobby? The thing that really shone through was your enthusiasm and a genuine wish to share your good fortune with others. Many thanks, Lynne, you're a real treasure!' Mrs E. J. UK

'Dear Lynne, Thank you for your prompt reply. I already have one of your books (my comping bible!) and even took it with me on a trip to Singapore recently. I have already won some make-up, a curling iron, and $2,300.00 AUS. Yesterday I received a phone call from a company who wanted to check my 2 lots of product barcodes. They wouldn’t tell me what I won but I think I’ve won 1 or 2 DVD players!  I’ll know for sure when my long white envelope comes in the mail. I haven’t won anything with my '25 words or less', but I’m still trying. Isn’t life great? Kindest regards. PS When you win a trip to Australia, let me know, as I’d love to meet you.' CZ of Australia

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About the author Lynne Suzanne

Lynne Suzanne is often asked to give her expert advice on winning prize competitions, puns, slogan writing and the power of belief and luck.  Lynne's wins include world-wide holidays to South Africa, Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls,  Grasse, Nice, Cannes and Monaco, Amsterdam, Cyprus, Miami and the Bahamas, Margarita and Venezuela's Angel Falls, and other exciting prizes including two cars.

Lynne is a professional writer with published features in the Sunday Mirror Personal magazine, Active Life, Belfast Telegraph, Newcastle Chronicle, Chester Chronicle, Grimsby Telegraph, the Daily Mail's long running Competitors Corner and sundry other periodicals. 

Lynne met Professor Richard Wiseman, who is based at Hertfordshire University, on the BBC's Good Morning programme a few years ago to talk about luck and chance.  Lynne was invited to take part in Professor Wiseman's The Luck Factor research into lucky people with an appearance in the BBC's Out of this World programme.  Lynne is a firm believer in making your own luck and the power of belief and positive thinking.

Other TV appearances include: BBC Everyone's a Winner; Channel 4’s Big Breakfast;  Maths 4 Real; For the Love of and Richard & Judy.  ITV's Chance in a Million; Yorkshire TV’s Calendar News; Granada TV’s This Morning;  ITV’s The Time, The Place; Ulster TV’s Kelly Show; Central TV’s Winners; Zee TV; Granada Breeze Livetime, Carlton TV's Nice Little Earners, UK Horizon's Dishing the Dirt and GMTV's LK Today.

Her most memorable TV appearances were winning an audition to read the weather on Granada TV's This Morning floating weather map at Albert Dock and singing (terribly out-of-tune) the chorus of American Pie with Don McLean on Big Breakfast. But that's another story!

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Win Your Fortune in Prizes

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'I picked up Lynne's guide one bitterly cold morning to read while I tucked my feet under the radiator by my desk, with the intention of 'just having a look' while my feet warmed into life.'

'By the end of the first page, I was so engrossed, and there's no way I could have put it down until I'd read to the end...'  Independent review.

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Lynne Suzanne has won hundreds of exciting competition prizes including clothes, cosmetics, two cars and worldwide holidays, all from entering prize competitions. Lynne shares her secrets of success with you.

As seen on YTV's 'Calendar News',
Carlton TV's
'Nice Little Earners'
UK Horizon's 'Dishing the
Dirt' documentary
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Over 4,000 puns, word play, captions, headlines and slogan ideas covering 43 categories from animals to transport.
Ideal for your slogan competitions or for writing slogans and catch lines.

'Fits'our New Year Resolution' won a £1,500 spa break
'Pack-ed' with shelf confidence! won a tool cabinet
'Gold-en opera-tune-ity!' won a £2,000 music system
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